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Our studio features expert teachers of yoga, mindfulness & meditation.
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Our educators are experienced and qualified yoga, meditation and movement teachers. We are passionate about sharing the art and science of these practices which are relevant to daily life. We offer an intelligent approach to contemporary yoga and meditation that guides the student into a process of self observation, inquiry, physical wellbeing and mental clarity. Within each class there are elements of breath awareness, mindfulness, balance, agility, strength and rest.

A balanced wellness practice is one that is adaptive to our constant changing needs. At Tahi Studio… let us create the pause.

We believe a sustainable practice in yoga and meditation requires that we consciously make time for ourselves. Which is why we have mindfully crafted a space and structure that offers smaller groups and specialised classes.

Spending time together, student and teacher are able to build a respectful, trusting and safe relationship where personal experience of the practice seamlessly transitions from the studio into daily life. A mindfully rich practice that encompasses the vast benefits yoga and meditation offer our modern lives.

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Spring 2018 Classes & Courses

Slow Flow

This style of yoga is a contemporary approach to traditional Hatha Yoga where we use the concept of flow and functional movement to learn how to intelligently move and be in our body. Postures are broken down and simplified to have relevance for each person’s individual needs and the intention becomes one that is organic for where you are at in the moment.

Over the space of 60 minutes you will be guided through a balanced, grounded and physically stimulating experience that will have you walking away feeling invigorated and rested. Your teacher will get to know you and offer assistance that supports a cohesive and sustainable yoga practice.

This class is suited to all levels.

Monday 12.15-1.15pm
Thursday 9.30-10.30am
with Amy Morice
10 class concession avail in studio

Yin Yoga

Yin is a calming and mindful practice that supports an unwinding of tension and stress commonly held in our connective tissues. Flowing through a movement and breath based experience with longer time spent in postures we learn how to be present and move well in our bodies. By stimulating the rest and digest response of our nervous systems we create a deeper release and regulation throughout body and mind.

This class is suited to all levels.

Tuesday 9.30-10.30am
Thursday 12.15-1.15pm
with Amy Morice
10 class concession avail in studio

Mindfulness & Meditation Practice

Our meditation classes contain elements of stillness, subtle movement and reflective awareness. We offer a contemporary approach to meditation and mindfulness practice. Classes impart the benefits of conscious breathing, slowing down and tuning into the present moment as a way to restore and regulate.

Embodiment practices are incorporated to guide an holistic experience of one’s own body, thus expanding physical and emotional intelligence. Your teacher is experienced and will hold a supportive space for you to establish a sustainable mindfulness meditation practice.

with Meegan Care
Free Class till end of 2018

Pre & Post Natal classes

Pregnancy is a sacred and special time in a woman’s life where she is provided the opportunity to slow down and tune in. At Tahi we have a range of services that are tailored to meet the needs of our Hapū Wāhine. All our teachers are experienced practitioners and mothers that are respectful and supportive of your unique needs and where you are at on your journey.

Pre Natal Yoga – 6 week course
This 6 week Pregnancy Yoga Course offers a grounded and mindful approach to movement and breath awareness. Each class is structured with a different intention that teaches the connection our thoughts have to our bodies and vice versa. You will learn how to be present and let go of physical tension allowing for a deep sense of nourishment and restoration.  Classes are balanced with stability, strength, spaciousness and rest offering an overall experience of ease for you and your growing Pēpe.

6 week course
Begins Saturday 3rd November
Amy Morice
For more info
e. amy@tahi.life
p. 027 333 9339