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Our studio features expert teachers of yoga, mindfulness & meditation.
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Our educators are experienced and qualified yoga, meditation and movement teachers. We are passionate about sharing the art and science of these practices which are relevant to daily life. We offer an intelligent approach to contemporary yoga and meditation that guides the student into a process of self observation, inquiry, physical wellbeing and mental clarity. Within each class there are elements of breath awareness, mindfulness, balance, agility, strength and rest.

A balanced wellness practice is one that is adaptive to our constant changing needs. At Tahi Studio… let us create the pause.

We believe a sustainable practice in yoga and meditation requires that we consciously make time for ourselves. Which is why we have mindfully crafted a space and structure that offers smaller groups and specialised classes.

Spending time together, student and teacher are able to build a respectful, trusting and safe relationship where personal experience of the practice seamlessly transitions from the studio into daily life. A mindfully rich practice that encompasses the vast benefits yoga and meditation offer our modern lives.

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Classes & Courses

Acupuncture Happy Hour

Come and experience the magic of acupuncture in our beautiful studio at Tahi. Each session will be tailored for you and your needs. Enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits that acupuncture offers. Studio style sessions.

12 – 1pm
Casual drop in

Concession cards avail

Mindfulness Meditation Class

Our lunchtime restorative meditation practice is a popular way to rest and re-energise midweek. Feel free to drop in to this midday mindfulness break.

Our meditation classes contain elements of stillness, subtle movement and reflective awareness. We offer a contemporary approach to meditation and mindfulness practice. Classes impart the benefits of conscious breathing, slowing down and tuning into the present moment as a way to restore and regulate.

Embodiment practices are incorporated to guide an holistic experience of one’s own body, thus expanding physical and emotional intelligence. Your teacher is experienced and will hold a supportive space for you to establish a sustainable mindfulness meditation practice.

12.15 pm
Casual drop in class

Concession cards avail
10 classes $90

Calm Mama, Calm Baby

a special mums and bubs class

An intelligently crafted course where mama and baby will be guided, held and offered a calming and safe environment to unwind and restore themselves.

Using Yoga therapeutic techniques, functional movement aligned with healthy recovery post birth, conscious touch and safe interactions with mama and baby this course is the first of its kind here in New Plymouth.

Amy Morice is an experienced Yoga Therapist and Body worker specialising in building resilience and restoration back to our body, mind and life. Amy is passionate about offering women a safe space to re-establish their natural calm often called “coming back to centre” as a mother and teacher she provides a holistic approach to healing and wellness.

Brendon is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Pre & Perinatal educator. He specialises in working closely with mothers and babies post birth to offer mindful healing through conscious touch and therapeutic movement.

Together Amy & Brendon will take Mama & Baby through an hour class each week for 6 weeks. Mama has space to move her body, consciously breathe and unwind. Babies will be supported and engaged with by Amy & Brendon as this class becomes a connection between mum and baby. The benefits of resting together will be felt by an overall experience of CALM.

This class is suitable for mamas and babies in their first year together. However this class is highly recommended for mamas and babies in the first 6 months.

This class is facilitated by two experienced teachers and will offer time at the end of class to discuss any things that may be coming up for mama and baby such as sleeping rhythms, postnatal recovery, emotions and more…

To book or for any questions contact amy@tahi.life

Begins Thursday 2 May
6 weeks
10.30 – 11.30 am

email amy@tahi.life to register

Pre Natal classes

Pregnancy is a sacred and special time in a woman’s life where she is provided the opportunity to slow down and tune in. At Tahi we have a range of services that are tailored to meet the needs of our Hapū Wāhine. All our teachers are experienced practitioners and mothers that are respectful and supportive of your unique needs and where you are at on your journey.

Pre Natal Yoga – 6 week course
This 6 week Pregnancy Yoga Course offers a grounded and mindful approach to movement and breath awareness. Each class is structured with a different intention that teaches the connection our thoughts have to our bodies and vice versa. You will learn how to be present and let go of physical tension allowing for a deep sense of nourishment and restoration.  Classes are balanced with stability, strength, spaciousness and rest offering an overall experience of ease for you and your growing Pēpe.

Begins Saturday 27 April
10 – 11.15 am
6 weeks


a unique modern practice

Mindful breath
Mindful movement
Mindful meditation

The stressors of the modern world need to be met by a practice crafted to suit the modern client and their needs.

In this term based class we integrate aspects of mindfulness, meditation, therapeutic yoga & somatic awareness practices.

Class content supports healthy functioning of mind and body through the development of a sustainable MINDFLOW practice. We include a focus on neuroplasticity and unwinding movement patterns which are a by-product of a busy life.

Each week builds on the previous week, offering a specifically crafted mix of mindfulness & yoga theory, and application of these learnings to our practice within the class. This is not a yoga or meditation class in the traditional sense, MINDFLOW is the fusion of Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Therapeutics.

The structure for this term based class has arisen from listening to our students desire to reduce stress, calm the mind and restore physical vitality in a mindful way. This is a small group, specialised class, designed specifically with you in mind. We offer an intelligent approach that guides the student into a process of self observation, enquiry, physical wellbeing and mental clarity.

Your teachers Amy Morice and Meegan Care, are skilled facilitators and therapists, who bring the best of their combined 35 years of experience in clinic and teaching to this unique MINDFLOW class.

For your investment you will receive:
The experience & support of 2 senior teachers
Beautiful boutique studio surrounds
Small class sizes
Herbal tea & discussion
Embodied movement & meditation based practices
Unparalleled personal evolution

Contact Meegan or Amy for further details and to enroll.

8 week term class

Begins Thursday 2 May
6 – 7.15 pm


Begins Monday 29 April
12.15 – 1.30 pm


email amy@tahi.life to register


therapeutic yoga & conscious rest

A mindfully created course using Yoga and conscious resting practices to establish an overall feeling of ease, inner stability, agility, strength and calm.

Yoga therapeutic techniques and functional movement aligned with holistic body awareness, this class offers students a deeper and more unique relationship with their Yoga and Movement practice. This class is designed to teach a way of being in your body and movement that may enhance other Yoga styles and activities you participate in in your daily life. The intention is for you to strengthen your ability to move in and out of everyday movements, restore body and mind, guiding you back to an overall experience of self regulation and recalibration.

As part of this course you will receive online access to short guided classes taught by Amy, that allows an ongoing home Yoga practice to be incorporated to your everyday life. 

Amy Morice is an experienced Yoga Therapist and Massage Therapist specialising in building resilience and restoration back to our body, mind and life. Amy is passionate about offering a mindful space for students to expand  awareness of their physical body, calm and centre their mind and establish a connection to their unique needs, in movement, wellbeing and living. This is Yoga for everyday people with extraordinary potential.

8 week term class

Begins Monday 29th April 5.30 – 6.45 pm


Begins Thursday 2nd May 12.15 – 1.30pm


email amy@tahi.life to register

Pregnancy Prehab

Helping women prepare for birth and guiding them through their post-natal recovery.

This comprehensive workshop is delivered over 2 evenings to facilitate women in preparation for birth. Whether this is your first or third pregnancy or whether you are planning to have a natural delivery or planned cesarean, this course will guide you through the journey of your pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery.

During the workshop you will a greater understanding of the mechanics and anatomy of the pelvis, pelvic floor and core unit. You will also learn mobility and strengthening exercises that will help to create symmetry and balance within the body and enable you to maintain strength throughout your pregnancy and minimise pain. You will be able to consider different labour/delivery positions and utilise techniques for during pregnancy and labour that will optimise baby’s position to establish an effective, shorter labour. You will also learn how to care for yourself within the 4th trimester including scar management of caesarean and perineal wounds and help your body to recover from the inside out and return to exercise safely post-natally.

All handout material and equipment is included within the workshop and there is a discounted follow-up postnatal assessment available for after you have delivered your baby.

Emma Perks is a qualified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and the Lead Physiotherapist at Full Circle Physiotherapy. Emma’s aim is to empower women by providing them with a practical application of knowledge and help them to achieve a better birthing experience, because who doesn’t want a better birth…

1 & 8 May

email emma@fcphysio.co.nz to register