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Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is an advanced body-mind therapy that combines a Western scientific understanding of the body with mindfulness skills, a unique type of touch and an appreciation of the body’s ability to heal itself.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands on therapy that allows your nervous system to settle and regulate. This facilitates the release of tension or held trauma. As your nervous system functions better, you may feel more at ease in your body, mind, relationships, work, and life.

What to expect

Your practitioner will discuss your current issues and symptoms with you as well as a little about your background, your early life and any significant events in your life.

During the treatment session you will typically lie or sit on a treatment table fully clothed. Our practitioners use a very light touch to “listen” to the body’s intrinsic movements. In this work we do not manipulate or adjust bones or tissue. The session will often begin with the practitioner placing their hands lightly on your feet or head. From here the subtle movements and patterns of restrictions and ease may be felt. They may then move to other areas of the body that require support.

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Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for a range of issues including:


Emotional and psychological issues

Emotional overwhelm
Effects of trauma
Support in preparation for pregnancy & birth


Physical Conditions

Accidents & sports injuries
Back pain
Chronic fatigue
Chronic injuries
Digestive problems
Immune conditions
Menstrual pain
Sleep disorders
Stress related illnesses
TMJ and jaw disorders
Visual problems

Commonly Asked Questions


Will I feel anything?

Throughout the session you may feel a range of sensations such as tingling, buzzing, feelings of hot or cold. Sometimes you may feel small movements or adjustments taking place, or sometimes, you may feel nothing. Often a clients experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Any or all of the above is normal and welcomed as part of the healing process.


Can I bring my child in for a treatment?

Yes, Craniosacral therapy is suitable for all ages and stages of life.


Can you help during pregnancy?

Support during pregnancy centres around allowing the woman to accommodate her pregnancy as comfortably as possible. With the aim of reducing or removing stress and strain not only for the mother and for labour, but for the developing baby as well. Craniosacral therapy is very gentle and can help a woman’s body adapt effectively to the physical demands of pregnancy.


When should I bring my baby in for treatment?

Our senior practitioner Te Marama works with newborns and their whānau. We encourage pēpē to be supported soon after birth to help with any issues that may have happened during birth and labour. For example prolonged labour, or a particularly fast labour, any interventions used including epidural, forceps, ventouse etc. or other birth trauma that could be causing any stress to mum.
Other reasons to bring pēpē for a treatment are feeding difficulties, sleep issues, digestive issues or any reason that may be causing stress to mum. Otherwise, if all is well then we recommend that a baby’s first new-born consultation and treatment to be at 6 weeks. This is a significant period of time where a strong bond should be established between mum/dad/caregiver-baby and whānau.