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Professional and caring osteopathic treatments for a wide range of issues
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Become a well being.

Welcome to Osteopathic Clinic

You can expect professional and caring osteopathic treatments for a wide range of issues at Tahi clinic.

Our osteopath Te Marama Henare practices osteopathy within the cranial field (OCF). This treatment approach gently supports your system to unwind trauma and tensions. Her approach supports your system to set in motion its own healing capacities, focusing on the subtle patterns in the body, allowing increased mobility and decrease in pain and tension.

What to expect

Osteopathy is a form of hands-on, manual medicine which recognizes the interdependence between the body’s structure and function. The body is viewed as a ‘whole unit’ whereby all systems of the body, and their structures are deeply connected and work in synergy in order to maintain optimum health and well-being.

Osteopathic work can identify anatomical and physiological stressors and strains and by engaging with the body’s inherent healing mechanism, can help return the body back to a normal condition, to restore health and lessen dis-ease.

Initial Treatment Consult $130

Follow up Treatment $97

ACC Treatments available.

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Commonly Asked Questions


Do Osteopaths crack joints and backs? 

The treatment method of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field does not require any “cracking” of any structure within the body. This is a non force approach within Osteopathy, where after your assessment your Osteopath will place her hands gently on the body for a period of time.


Can you help during pregnancy? 

Obstetric care by an Osteopath centers around allowing the woman to accommodate her pregnancy as comfortably and physiologically as possible. With the aim of reducing or removing stress and strain not only for the mother and for labour, but for the developing baby as well. Osteopathic technique is very gentle and can help a woman’s body adapt effectively to the physical demands of pregnancy.

When should I bring my baby in for treatment? 

We encourage pēpē to be examined immediately by an Osteopath following any issues that may have happened during birth and labour. For example prolonged labour, or a particularly fast labour, any interventions used including epidural, forceps, ventouse etc. or other birth trauma that could be causing any stress to mum.

Other reasons to bring pēpē to an osteopath straight away are feeding difficulties, sleep issues, digestive issues or any particular reason that may be causing stress to mum. Otherwise, if all is well then we recommend that a baby’s first new-born examination and treatment to be at 6 weeks. This is a significant period of time where a strong bond should be established between mum/dad/caregiver-baby and whānau.

Osteopathy is suitable for a range of issues including:

Maintenance of health
Stress and Anxiety issues
Back and neck problems
Intervertebral disc injuries
Joint pain, knees & hips etc
Traumatic injuries, sporting accidents, etc
Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
Chronic pain

Fertility & Pregnancy
Fertility for both men and women
Difficulties conceiving
Threatened miscarriage
Morning sickness
Back, hip, groin pain
Difficulty breathing
Preparing the body for labour and birth

Birth trauma, flat shaped heads.
Colic, constant crying
Spilling/ reflux
Sucking difficulties/breastfeeding
Glue ear
Blocked tear ducts, sticky eyes
Learning difficulties
Developmental delays
ADHD, Autism

General Health Concerns
Recurrent respiratory infections
Sinus congestion
Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
Period pain