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Elevate your practice in a nurturing oasis at Tahi.

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Tahi Clinic Room Rentals

Step into a space where your practice can truly flourish. At Tahi, we provide practitioners in the Health & Wellness industry with the perfect environment to grow their businesses while focusing on what they do best—caring for their clients.

Competitive Rental Rates Designed for Success

We understand the importance of affordability and transparency in your business journey. That’s why we offer competitive rental rates starting from just $40+GST per hour for casual bookings. For those ready to commit to their practice, contracted tenancy starts from $80+GST per shift, with incremental discounts for additional shifts, ensuring that your success is always rewarded.

Effortless Practice in Thoughtfully Curated Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms are more than just spaces—they’re carefully crafted environments designed to enhance your practice. Equipped with everything you need for seamless sessions, including comfortable treatment beds, desks, soothing lighting, and optional towel services, we ensure that every aspect of your practice is effortless and efficient.

Leverage Our Exceptional Reputation to Reach New Heights

By joining Tahi, you’re not just renting a room; you’re becoming part of a community dedicated to holistic wellness. Benefit from our exceptional reputation and gain exposure through inclusion on our website, booking system, and other marketing channels, helping you connect with a wider audience and expand your client base.

Craft an Inviting Atmosphere That Inspires Healing

Elevate the client experience by welcoming them into a space that radiates peace and tranquility. At Tahi, we provide everything you need to create an inviting atmosphere, from handpicked herbal teas for you and your clients to soothing music, essential oils, and abundant plants. Let our space become an extension of your healing practice.

Discover Your Potential at Tahi Clinic

Unlock the full potential of your practice in a space designed to support your growth and success. Tahi is more than just a place to work—it’s your space to thrive. Schedule a viewing today and experience the difference for yourself. Simply click below or give us a call on 027 224 0402.